Jim Dunlop James Hetfield Signature Guitar Picks - White Fang Custom, 1.14mm

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When the master of heavy riffing comes to you asking for a pick designed to hold up to his standards, the only thing to do is listen and listen closely. This is exactly what Dunlop did when none other than James Hetfield approached them to design a pick made for heavy attack and outstanding response. Using their classic Flow Standard Pick as a foundation, Dunlop developed the James Hetfield White Fang Custom pick. This custom pick brings a snappy attack and crisp articulation.


  • James Hetfield custom designed pick provides stellar attack and feel
  • Based on classic Flow Standard with slightly heftier thickness
  • Blended beveled edge allows for better glide across the strings
  • Wide angle and sharp tip provide a focused attack when needed
  • Smaller and lower-profile grip for outstanding control even when things get sweaty

Tech Specs: 

  • Shape: Standard
  • Gauge: 1.14mm
  • Material: Ultex
  • Color: White
  • Manufacturer Part Number: PH122R114