Dunlop Mick Thomson Signature Custom Jazz III Guitar Picks - 1.38mm

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For over two decades, Mick Thomson’s destructive drop-tuned riffs and searing solo work have served as Slipknot’s sonic backbone. And while Mick has faithfully favored standard Jazz III picks for decades, Dunlop’s 471PMT Mick Thomson Custom Jazz III boasts a modified design purpose-built to maximize your picking precision and tone. These signature picks comprise a slightly softer nylon formula than traditional Jazz III picks, allowing Mick to seamlessly cover both lead and rhythm duties with a single plectrum. Moreover, Sweetwater guitarists find that Mick Thomson Custom Jazz III picks provide a rock-solid grip in your fingers, naturally leading to superior control and sensitivity when you dig into the strings. A superb choice for Slipknot obsessives and guitarists hunting after peak picking precision, Dunlop’s Mick Thomson Custom Jazz III picks are sure to sharpen your technique.


  • Based on Dunlop’s classic Jazz III picks, with a few choice twists courtesy of longtime Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson
  • Modified nylon formula offers a more flexible feel, allowing you to easily swap between rhythm and lead duties
  • Super grip surface enhances your picking control and precision

Tech Specs:

  • Shape: Sharp
  • Gauge: 1.38mm
  • Material: Nylon
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 471RMT