Jim Dunlop Misha Mansoor Custom Delrin FLOW Guitar Picks - Studio 0.73mm

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Periphery super shredder Misha "Bulb" Mansoor demands a lot from his instruments and even more from the tools he employs to churn out gut-punching riffs with extreme precision onstage and in the studio. Dunlop tapped directly into Misha's expertise to deliver his Misha Mansoor Custom Delrin FLOW Guitar Picks, which are constructed from long-lasting Delrin to the guitarist's strict specifications and offered in two different gauges. Misha's .65mm picks excel in live settings where full-throttle playing is a necessity without your notes going too sharp, while allowing each note to ring clear. When laying down tracks in the studio, the slightly stiffer .73mm picks are Misha's go-to, giving him complete control when tracking surgically precise passages. Sweetwater players can't get enough of the sculpted edges on Misha Mansoor FLOW picks — they enable instant access to a wide range of attack dynamics from a single plectrum. And just like all other picks in the FLOW line, Misha Mansoor Customs leap effortlessly from string to string, injecting your performances with a hefty accuracy and a speed boost to boot.


  • Signature guitar pick of Periphery's Misha "Bulb" Mansoor
  • Meticulously crafted to Misha's exact specifications to deliver in all performance settings
  • .65mm gauge picks give you the freedom to play loud and proud in live settings without the worry of sharp notes; .73mm gauge picks work great when tracking tight, precise passages in the studio
  • Sculpted edges unlock the full spectrum of attack dynamics from a single pick
  • FLOW shape flows fluidly from string to string
  • Custom "Bulb" signature in bright blue on each pick

Tech Specs: 

  • Shape: Standard
  • Gauge: 0.73mm
  • Material: Delrin
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 573R073MM