Jim Dunlop PVP119 John Petrucci Signature Variety Guitar Picks

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Dream Theater’s John Petrucci is one of the most acclaimed guitarists on the planet, and he demands the best custom-made equipment he can get his hands on. This 6-pack of signature guitar picks from Dunlop illustrates John’s penchant for top-shelf gear. Grab one of these picks, and you'll experience rich, powerful overtones you've never heard before. But these picks do more than improve your tone. John Petrucci Flow picks also allow you to move easily from string to string, thanks to their beveled edges. When you use a John Petrucci Flow pick, intricate passages seem effortless.


  • Includes a total of 6 picks: JP Jazz III Pick (1), JP Primetone Pick (1 black, 1 ox blood), JP Flow Pick (1), and JP Trinity Pick (2)
  • Add thickness and volume to each note you play
  • Experience rich, powerful overtones
  • Beveled edges allow you to move easily from string to string

Tech Specs:

  • Shape: Standard, Sharp
  • Gauge: Heavy, Extra Heavy
  • Material: Ultex
  • Quantity: 6
  • Color: Black, Red
  • Manufacturer Part Number: PVP119