Jim Dunlop System 65 Complete Guitar and Bass Setup Tool Kit

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The System 65 Complete Guitar and Bass Setup Kit packs all the tools you need for fine-tuning your instrument’s action, performance, and more. The System 65 Kit is trusted by pros for guitar, bass, and more. It’s also a great way for aspiring techs to jump into the world of setups with one simple purchase. This kit has everything you need, and then some. There’s a compact string cutter and speedwinder for quick string changes, a hex key multi-tool, a multi-head screwdriver, and a multi-spanner wrench for tweaking hardware and removing parts, as well as essential polishing cloths and cleaners. When it comes to fretboard adjustments and string height, the kit includes two fret collars (.080-inch, .125-inch) for easy polishing and a string action gauge for measuring fast with precision.


  • Complete tool kit for guitar and bass setup, maintenance, cleaning string changes, and more
  • 3 multi-tools: 4-way screwdriver (2 flatheads, 2 Phillips), multi-spanner uni-wrench, and hex key
  • 2 polishing cloths: general microfiber cleaning cloth and a fret polishing cloth
  • Formula 65 Polish & Cleaner for removing buildup, dust, and dirt
  • 2 fret collars for fast maintenance
  • 1 multi-function Gig Light, perfect for maintenance and setups in dark venues
  • String action gauge for precise height measurements
  • 2 string change tools: compact string cutter and universal string winder
  • System 65 Superlube Gel Pen extends the lifespan and performance of moving parts like tuners and saddles

Tech Specs:

  • Type: Guitar/Bass Setup Tool Kit
  • Manufacturer Part Number: DGT122