Jim Dunlop Tortex TIII Guitar Picks - Orange, 0.60mm

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Originally designed to replicate the feel of a tortoiseshell pick, Dunlop’s Tortex line has since outgrown its iconic tortoise mascot, revolutionizing the world of guitar picks for over 40 years. Before Tortex picks came along, guitar players could only choose from a limited selection of plectrums that often came in only three ambiguous sizes: light, medium, and heavy. Jim Dunlop sought to provide a solution in arming players with a complete range of thickness standardized to the 100th of a millimeter, and easily recognizable by Dunlop’s signature color-coded system. Excellent durability, perfect grip, and snappy tone have made Tortex the industry-standard pick for guitar players around the world. Whether you’re a pro or just beginning your musical journey, you can be sure that there’s a Tortex pick for you!


  • The speed and control of a Jazz III, but with all the benefits of a Tortex pick
  • Tortex material is highly durable and resistant to everyday play wear
  • Bright and articulate tone that works equally well for electric, acoustic, and bass guitar
  • Tortex signature grip-enhancing surface

Tech Specs:

  • Shape: Sharp
  • Gauge: 0.60mm
  • Material: Tortex
  • Color: Orange
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 462R060