Dunlop Tosin Abasi Signature Jazz III XL Guitar Picks - 0.60mm

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Tosin Abasi's frightening fretboard agility and dynamic songwriting have inspired a whole generation of guitar players to rethink the role of their instrument. This Tortex Jazz III XL Pick is one of the tools he uses to craft Animals as Leaders' epic compositions-it gives him the control, precision, and clarity he needs with a bright and snappy attack. Get it now in Tosin's custom .60mm gauge, emblazoned with custom artwork.


  • A collaboration with Tosin Abasi and Javier Reyes
  • Bright tone and snappy, aggressive attack of Tortex
  • Superior control, speed, and definition provided by the Jazz III XL shape

Tech Specs:

  • Shape: Sharp
  • Gauge: 0.60mm
  • Material: Tortex
  • Manufacturer Part Number: AALR03