Jim Dunlop Ultex Sharp Guitar Picks - 0.73mm

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Designed for precision and speed, Dunlop’s 433 Ultex Sharp guitar picks have the potential to be your new favorite guitar pick. These picks showcase some pretty impressive flexibility while retaining a controlled feel. To give you a quick release, Dunlop added a molded edge. Then, for superior control and speed, the tip is sculpted to a sharper point than normal. Here at Sweetwater, our stable of guitar players have noted that Ultex Sharp picks wear well and serve up defined tone from the moment you pluck your first note. Pick up a pack for yourself to experience the feel of Ultex Sharp Picks.


  • Refined tip gives you complete control
  • Flexible Ultex construction delivers impressive durability
  • Molded edge provides a quick release and crisp tone

Tech Specs: 

  • Shape: Sharp
  • Gauge: 0.73mm
  • Material: Ultex
  • Color: Gold
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 433R073