GFI System Duophony Parralel Signal Blender Pedal

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The GFI System Duophony is a mono/stereo parallel blender pedal of unparalleled depth and flexibility, allowing the user to blend two separate signal chains of any kind in myriad different ways. Its rotary touch slider mix control is both intuitive and eye-catching, requiring but a swipe of the finger to tweak the blend ratio of Duophony’s X and Y loops. Each loop is further equipped with dedicated, easily-accessible controls — including gain, dry level, phase, trails (for reverbs and delays), and there’s even an onboard modulation engine with its own expansive control set!

True stereo on all (inputs, outputs, and FX loops) signal paths.
Parallel or series routing modes.
3 parallel blend modes : XY mix, Y plus [X], and X plus [Y].
16 presets.
Fully adjustable dry signal level.
Phase invert function on loop X.
Individual gain control for each loop.
Bypass function with or without trails.
Expression pedal and aux switches control input.
MIDI input.
Full-featured modulation engine.

Tech Specs:
Input Impedance: 1 MOhm
Output Impedance: 500 Ohm
Input/Send/Return Jacks: 1/4" TRS
Output jJacks: 1/4" TS
Expression/Aux Input Jack: 1/4" TRS
MIDI Input Connector: 1/8" TRS
USB Connector: Type C
Dimensions: 9.7 x 12 cm (3.8" x 4.7")
Power Requirements : 9V DC / 150 mA, centre-negative plug (power supply not included)