Gruv Gear FretWedge - Small, Black

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The Gruv Gear FretWedge is designed to work in tandem with the Gruv Gear FretWrap to create a complete noise-dampening solution for your electric guitar. The FretWedge slips under your strings right behind the nut, dampening your strings and reducing noise even if you've moved your FretWrap up the neck (which would normally leave the headstock un-muted). You can crank up the gain and still enjoy defined, articulated tone. When it comes to controlling savage high-gain guitar tones, the Gruv Gear FretWedge will become your best friend.


  • String-dampening solution for electric guitar and bass
  • Slides under the strings behind the nut, dampening overtones and unwanted noise
  • Keeps your tone tight and defined, even when using excessive gain
  • Works perfectly with Gruv Gear FretWrap, muting the headstock even when moving the FretWrap for tapping
  • Small size (41.5mm wide) for 6-string guitar or 4-string bass