Gruv Gear Kapsulite+ Travel Bag for Bass Guitar

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Traveling guitarists and bassists at Sweetwater often rely on Gruv Gear Kapsule travel cases to protect their precious axes on the road or in the air, and these Kapsulite+ travel bags are more of the same! They’re lighter, thinner, and more streamlined than their Kapsule counterparts; additionally, they offer a host of useful features, including wheels, various pockets, and compartments. Finally, Kapsulite+ travel bags feature the all-important Global Recovery Tag, which is permanently affixed to the bag itself, with free — yes, free — lifetime global recovery service!


  • Wheels for easier transport
  • 50% lighter than Kapsule travel cases
  • Waterproof exo-shell with polystyrene layer for shock absorption
  • Soft fabric-lined interior is gentle on instruments
  • Specially molded neck brace secures headstock and doubles as removable storage case for strings, capos, and other accessories.
  • Main panel features expandable top pocket and drop-in pocket for storing shoulder straps
  • Sleek, minimalist look when worn
  • Permanently affixed free-for-life Global Recovery Tag is recognized in nearly 3000 airports, with no activation nor maintenance fees, and offers free lifetime service though Travel Sentry

Tech Specs:

  • Intended Guitar Type: Bass Guitar
  • External Materials: Polystyrene Exo-shell
  • Handles/Straps: 3 x Handles, 2 x Backpack Straps
  • Pockets: 1 x Internal, 1 x External
  • Manufacturer Part Number: KAPSULITE-PL-EB-BLK