Gruv Gear Quivr Drumstick Bag

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All the drummers know the heart-stopping panic of dropping a stick mid-gig. That's why they conquer the stage with full confidence, armed with the Gruv Gear Quivr Drumstick Bag. Three "Quick Draw" pockets grant instant access to your sticks, saving the day from potential stick-flinging disaster. The Quivr's right panel also houses your drumming essentials like keys, mallets, and brushes. Easy transportation is a breeze with the included shoulder strap, and an adjustable tether lets you mount the Quivr directly to your floor toms. With space for 12 sticks in total, the Gruv Gear Quivr Drumstick Bag might just be the last stick bag you'll ever need.


  • Holds 12 drumsticks
  • 3 “Quick Draw” pockets give you lightning-fast access to sticks when you need them most
  • Right panel holds a drum key as well as brushes, mallets, and more
  • Adjustable tether lets you easily mount the Quivr to your floor toms
  • Comes with a shoulder strap for easy transportation