JHS Switchback Advanced Loop Switcher

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The JHS Pedals Switchback is a tiny box with a huge feature set. It began life as a device that JHS designed just for themselves to compare and test pedals around the factory. They soon realized, however, that this little box was so useful that it belonged in every guitarist's rig onstage or in the studio. The Switchback has one input, one output, and sends/returns for two separate selectable effects loops, plus an A/B controllable by JHS's Red Remote switching system (available separately). Because of the Red Remote functionality, you can place the Switchback and any effects in its loops completely out of sight under your pedalboard or tucked away in a rack while only having the tiny Red Remote accessible. The footswitch is true bypass, so when it’s off, it's not affecting your signal. 


  • Advanced loop switcher
  • True bypass footswitch
  • 1 input, 1 output
  • Sends/returns for 2 separate selectable effects loops
  • A/B controllable by JHS's Red Remote switching system (available separately)

Tech Specs:

  • Type:  Loop Switcher
  • Inputs:1 x 1/4" (instrument), 2 x 1/4" (return 1/2)
  • Outputs:1 x 1/4" (out to amp), 2 x 1/4" (send 1/2)
  • Other I/O:1 x 1/4" (remote)
  • True Bypass:Yes
  • Power Source:9V DC power supply (sold separately)
  • Power Usage:100mA
  • Height:1.77"
  • Width:2.55"
  • Depth:4.52"
  • Manufacturer Part Number:SBK