Levy's MRHGS-OGN Garment Leather Guitar Strap - Orange

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Levy's designed the MRHGS series straps for ultimate comfort and classic styling. Made from high quality padded garment leather and backed by suede, these straps give you plenty of grip to keep even the heaviest necks in place. With touches like a fully stitched body, reinforced buttonholes, and easy adjustment, Levy's has made your new favorite strap. 


  • RipChord technology allows you to adjust instrument position on the fly
  • Reinforced pull tab is easily accessible from all angles
  • Padded garment leather for comfort
  • Suede backing keeps your guitar in place
  • Polyester webbing allows for smooth and quick adjustments
  • Leather strap ends securely attach to your axe and increase strap life
  • Stylish design looks great with any guitar
  • Strap adjusts from 43" to 57"

Tech Specs:

  • Material: Garment Leather with Suede backing
  • Color: Orange
  • Width: 2.5"
  • Min Length: 43"
  • Max Length: 57"
  • Padded: Yes
  • Pattern: Plain
  • Manufacturer Part Number: MRHGS-OGN