Levy's MX8-002 Cork Series Guitar Strap - Zanzibar

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Over the years, Levy’s has built a reputation for creating comfortable straps that players can’t get enough of. This strap, the MX8, is a testament to that legacy, offering natural padding in the form of cork! You read that right, this strap features genuine cork on a cotton backing for added durability. Available in a range of fun printed patterns, the MX8 strap’s design is applied directly to the cork to give it a truly textured look and feel. This strap embodies everything Sweetwater’s guitar players look for in a strap — good looks, comfort, and rock-solid construction. Grab a Levy’s MX8 cork strap today and experience the sublime comfort for yourself.

The Cork series features guitar straps crafted from high-quality cork, offering a sustainable and stylish alternative to traditional guitar straps.


  • Material: Cork on Cotton webbing
  • Color: Black
  • Width: 2"
  • Min Length: 35"
  • Max Length: 60"
  • Pattern: Zanzibar
  • Manufacturer Part Number: MX8-002