LM Products 2-inch Macrame Cotton Guitar Strap with Leather Ends - Natural

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With the 2-inch Macrame cotton guitar strap featuring leather ends, LM Products combines trustworthy support, enticing looks, and snug comfort into an indispensable accessory that every Sweetwater guitarist can treasure forever. The strap’s main section showcases premium cotton knotted together by artisans in an intricate macrame style. This ornate weaving technique turns pliable cotton into a sturdy material that bears the weight of your guitar while remaining soft on the shoulders, neck, and back. Full-grain leather ends round out the design, readily latching onto strap buttons for a fit that won’t rattle loose. The Macrame strap has an adjustable 43- to 60-inch length — you may experience slight variations as the cotton fibers relax and ultimately create a personalized fit that’s just right for you!


  • Hand-woven cotton strap outfitted with sturdy leather ends
  • 2-inch wide cotton macrame weave expertly blends comfort and support
  • Length adjusts from 43–60 inches (macrame section will relax during initial use)
  • Full-grain leather ends securely latch to strap buttons
  • Handmade in Indiana by expert leather craftspeople

    Tech Specs:

    • Material: Cotton Macrame, Leather ends
    • Color: White
    • Width: 2"
    • Min Length: 43"
    • Max Length: 60"
    • Pattern: Macrame
    • Manufacturer Part Number: MA-NA