Suhr DSV, Double Screw Vintage Humbucker Neck Pickup, Parchment

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Craving the rich, warm tones of classic humbuckers without the mud? Look no further than the Suhr DSV. This meticulously crafted pickup bridges the gap between vintage warmth and modern clarity, breathing new life into your guitar.

Technical Specs:

Magnet: Alnico V - This classic magnet choice adds sweetness, warmth, and clarity to the pickup's tone.

DC Resistance:

  • Bridge: ~9kΩ
  • Neck: ~8kΩ

The slightly lower resistance in the neck position contributes to a smoother, warmer sound compared to the bridge.

Wiring: 4-Conductor - This allows for more versatile wiring options, like series/parallel switching for a thicker tone or single-coil split for brighter sounds.


  • Bridge: 53mm
  • Neck: 50mm

This standard spacing ensures compatibility with most guitars.

Pole Pieces: Dual rows of adjustable screw pole pieces - These provide precise control over individual string balance and overall tone sculpting.

Additional Specs:

  • Handcrafted in the USA using premium materials
  • Available in black, white, parchment, zebra, and reverse zebra finishes
  • Compatible with both humbucker and P-90 routings

These specs paint a picture of a versatile and dynamic pickup, capable of delivering classic warmth with modern clarity and playability.