Victory Amplification V30 The Countess Head Amp

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The Victory V30 The Countess Guitar Head is a 42W 2-channel guitar amplifier head featuring four 12AX7 valves and two 6L6 valves. This portable and powerful guitar head offers two channels of gig-ready valve sound for a huge range of clean, crunch and lead tones. The power section offers four configurations from 2W to 42W providing you with portability and flexibility.

Separate master volumes for the two channels enable you to balance your output levels perfectly and two footswitchable channels offer a huge range of tones from bold cleans to fully saturated drives and everything inbetween. A single-ended mode can be used in high- and low-power settings to deliver your optimum output section feel.


  • Dual-Channel Head
  • Clean Channel: 42W @ High Power; 7W @ Low Power
  • Clean Channel Single-Ended: 1.6W @ High Power; 0.5W @ Low Power
  • Dirty Channel: 37W @ High Power; 6W @ Low Power
  • Dirty Channel Single Ended: 1.2W @ High Power; 0.5W @ Low Power
  • Valves: 4x 12AX7, 2x 6L6  
  • Power Valves Switchable to EL34
  • Single-Ended Mode
  • Effects Loop
  • Skeletonised Metal Case with Rubber Handle
  • Dimensions: 342 x 185 x 185mm
  • Weight: 8.2kg
  • Includes: Padded Carry Bag